New Release – PackHedge 5.2

New Capital Accounting based investment vehicles. Major enhancements for Private Equity funds and Real Estate funds shadow accounting. Enhanced and new Transactions types. New Cash Flow Analysis, Projections, What-if, PE Statistics and Lorenz Curve. New scripted dynamic time series type e.g. Libor + x%. New data provider Edgefolio. Additional Web-Services API methods. New 64 Bit support. New open source PostgreSQL database.


Portfolio Enhancements

  • Global Performance Improvements
    • Portfolio functions (Loading, Valuation & Saving) are up to 800% faster due to extensive performance enhancements.
  • Portfolio Setup
    • Dedicated section in Time-Series to Bootstrap a Portfolio.
  • Portfolio Summary
    • Additional fields include: Contributions, Profit & Loss, Exposures including period-based, etc.
    • Send to Proforma exposure based summary for portfolio analysis & modelling.
    • Send to Excel.
  • Transactions
    • The transaction tab has been completely reworked for improved usability.
    • Components & Shareholders transactions tabs have been combined into one Transactions tab.
    • Transactions are now presented in a hierarchical view grouped & ordered by date.
    • Transactions can now be ordered by drag & drop.
    • Rich Tool Tips are available on transactions to show all the important information at a glance.
    • New transactions for asset types invested in Amounts such as Private Equity, Real Estate, etc.
    • Enhanced Copy/Paste transactions clipboard for within a Portfolio as well as other Portfolios.
  • New Asset Purchase Unit: Amount
    • Depending on the Purchase Unit type the portfolio will handle the asset transactions and positions appropriately. The new amount purchase unit is typically used for Real Estate or Private Equity investments.
  • Balance Sheet
    • Additional Position details (e.g. Number of shares).
  • Components & Accounts
    • New manual or automatic component ranking by Name.
  • New ‘Search as you type’ function on appropriate tabs, including: Balance Sheet, P&L, Components & Accounts, etc.


New Private Equity

  • New Fund Behavior
    • Defining the behavior type of a Fund allows Portfolios to handle the transactions and calculations on this asset accordingly. The Private Equity behavior activates the Commitment and thus the tracking of remaining Commitments within Portfolios.
  • Contributions (Capital Call), Distributions, Inside/Outside Commitments Transactions in addition to Subscriptions/Redemptions
  • Remaining Commitment Projection & Aggregation within Portfolios.
  • Lorenz Curve
  • Private Equity Performance Market Equivalent
    • Long Nickels PME
    • PME Plus
    • Modified PME
    • Kaplan Schoar PME
    • Direct Alpha PME
  • Private Equity Ratios
    • TVPI
    • RVPI
    • DPI
    • PIC
  • Private Equity What-If Analysis


S&R Enhancements

  • Audit Trail Enhancements.
  • New Exposure information (Own ccy, Total, Periodic).
  • Raw Nav Return Time-Series data.
  • New Cash Flow information.


Other Enhancements

  • Peer Group Analysis Enhancements
    • In addition to the customizable Periods the Peer Group Analysis now also provides Rolling Periods.
  • PAC Tool Enhancements
    • Corporate Events have been added.
    • Custom Fields Enumerations Combo Box.
    • Tab Duplication to handle multiple TS frequencies.
  • Custom Time Series Enhancements
    • New Dynamic Time Series type that can be scripted allowing any sort of required behavior to be constructed. (e.g. Libor+5% or more complex calculations).
  • Excel Add-In Enhancements
    • Group and Sub Group Constituents supported.
  • Data Feed Update Enhancements
    • Alix Capital.
    • Edgefolio.
    • Bloomberg (Custom Fx Forward Rate, Total Return Index Net/Gross Dividends support).

New Java Script Debugger
All the scripted PackHedge™ features (Scripted Fees, S&R Scripted Fields, Dynamic Scripted Time-Series, Cash Flow Modelling Scripts) can now be debugged within PackHedge™ with the Java Script Debugger.

New Web Service API Methods

  • Get/Set Proforma
  • Get/Set Proforma Allocations
  • Proforma Calculation
  • Get/Set Portfolio methods
  • Get/Set Portfolio Accounts
  • Get/Set Portfolio Transactions
  • Portfolio Valuation
  • Get Breakdowns and other Exposures
  • Get Screen & Report Data (JSON)

New PackHedge™ Server Admin Tool

  • Better manage the PackHedge™ Server Components.
    • Setup and check PackHedge™ Server status.

Jaspersoft® Studio Report Editing Software Support
PackHedge™ now supports the latest version of the TIBCO open-source report template design software which replaces the older iReport Designer.

PackHedge™ is now available in 64 Bits
This allows PackHedge™ to avoid the 32 Bits memory limitation and access all the physical available memory of a machine.
PackHedge™ 64 Bits is now the default version, except when installed on a workstation with Windows 32 Bits OS.

PackHedge™ now supports the PostgreSQL database
PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system. It is a proven architecture that has earned a strong reputation for reliability, data integrity, and accuracy.
PostgreSQL provides a FREE and unlimited alternative to Microsoft SQL Server Express. FinLab can provide migration tools and assistance.

PackHedge™ on the “cloud” with Microsoft AZURE
For Clients who may need to host PackHedge™ on the cloud, PackHedge™ can now be run on Microsoft AZURE.

Download PackHedge 5.2 here.