About us


FinLab Solutions SA is a software solution company solely focused on the development, evolution, support and distribution of PackHedge™, the world’s most advanced application for data management, research and analysis, asset allocation modelling, portfolio management, report publishing and workflow management.

Founded in 1999, FinLab is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland with regional offices in the United States and Singapore.

Our clients

FinLab Solutions SA serves a large global client base. With clients in more than 25 countries, FinLab is proud that PackHedge™ is actively used by many of the world’s largest financial institutions as well as being selected as the solution of choice for small to large firms.

Our typical clients include; asset managers across the spectrum from, family offices, managed accounts, fund of funds, banks, pension funds, insurance funds, endowments, investment advisors/consultants, private equity, real estate, mutual and hedge fund managers, etc…

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PackHedge 5.3

January 24, 2018

  • New Consolidated Portfolio object
  • New Net Cash Flow Screen
  • New Cash Flow Metric Screen
  • New Portfolio Summary features with more fields including custom columns and custom aggregation criteria.
  • Improved Shareholder Register
  • Enhanced Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss
  • Enhanced Transactions with associated Documents
  • IRR (XIRR) metric for individual components and aggregation by any criteria (currency, style, etc…) is now available in the Portfolio Summary and S&R (Screen & Report)
  • Enhanced Cash Flow Analysis, with exchange rate modelling
  • New Integrated Mail Robot
  • New Favorite for a user to mark his favorite objects
  • New Image field for Person and Company object
  • New Sticky Note on all objects

PackHedge 5.2

May 1, 2017

  • New Capital Accounting based investment vehicles
  • Major enhancements for Private Equity funds and Real Estate funds shadow accounting
  • New Cash Flow Analysis, Projections, What-if
  • Contributions (Capital Call), Distributions, Inside/Outside Commitments Transactions in addition to Subscriptions/Redemptions
  • Remaining Commitment Projection & Aggregation within Portfolios.
  • Lorenz Curve
  • Private Equity Performance Market Equivalent: Long Nickels PME, PME Plus, Modified PME, Kaplan Schoar PME, Direct Alpha PME
  • Private Equity Ratios TVPI, RVPI, DPI PIC
  • New data provider Edgefolio
  • Additional Web-Services API methods
  • New scripted dynamic time series type e.g. Libor + x%
  • Jaspersoft® Studio Report Editing Software Support
  • PackHedge™ is now available in 64 Bits
  • PackHedge™ now supports the PostgreSQL database
  • PackHedge™ on the “cloud” with Microsoft AZURE

PackHedge 5.1

December 13, 2015

  • New Portfolio Management platform.
  • New Attribution Analysis tool.
  • New Principle Component Analysis(PCA) tool.
  • New Cluster Analysis tool.
  • New PAC Tool.
  • New Web Service API.
  • New feeders.
  • Enhanced Contribution Analysis.
  • Enhanced Proxy Configurations Management.

PackHedge 5.0

December 4, 2014

  • New Workflow Management System module.
  • New Risk Contribution analysis.
  • New Integrated Analysis functionality.
  • New View Only mode.
  • New Hover-Over Slider for charts.
  • New Fama French Statistics.
  • New Monte Carlo Simulation and Analysis.
  • Enhanced Return Contribution Analysis.
  • Enhanced Breakdown/Segment Analysis.
  • Enhanced Standalone Performance.
  • Enhanced Custom Instruments.
  • Enhanced Fund of Fund – Managed Account shadow accounting.

PackHedge 4.9

March 29, 2014

  • New Performance Analysis tool.
  • New Basic Portfolio Optimizer.
  • New Multi-Asset Viewer.
  • New Custom Instruments.
  • New Proportional Accounting.
  • New Navigation Tabs.
  • New Data Sources.
  • Enhanced Custom Time Series.
  • Enhanced Scheduler.
  • Enhanced Screen & Report (S&R) tool.
  • Enhanced Favourites Support.
  • Enhanced Data Feed Update.
  • Enhanced Statistics.
  • Enhanced Groups.
  • Enhanced Recycle Bin.

PackHedge 4.8

August 17, 2013

  • New Custom Fields and Custom Time Series.
  • New automatic fee calculation.
  • New server administration tool.
  • Enhanced Style Analysis.
  • Enhanced Screen & Report(S&R).
  • Enhanced Document Management System(DMS).
  • Enhanced Text Formatting in Notes.

PackHedge 4.7

March 11, 2013

  • New Peer Group Analysis tool.
  • New Outlook Contact Synchronization.
  • New Time Series Editor.
  • Enhanced Portfolio Optimization tool.
  • Enhanced Fund of Fund Shadow Accounting module.
  • Enhanced Screen & Report(S&R).

PackHedge 4.6

June 29, 2012

  • New Screen & Report (S&R) tool to replace the older Query Builder and Custom Report (QB/CR) tool.
  • New Stress Testing analysis tool.
  • New Sensitivity analysis.
  • New Scenario analysis tool.
  • Enhanced Document Management System(DMS).

Our partners

Best Alternative Outsourcing Services LLP and FinLab Solution SA have formed a strategic alliance to leverage the synergies of their respective services and solutions for Managed Accounts and Funds of Funds shadow accounting. Enabling client’s to benefit from state of the art industry specific solutions from FinLab along with Best Alternative’s expertise and outsourcing services in this domain to facilitate and complete migrations all the way through to management of all processes within PackHedge™.

FinLab has adopted the Bloomberg Symbology and has been added to the growing list of the BBGID facilitators.