PackHedge™ is designed for asset managers across the spectrum of family offices, managed accounts, fund of funds, banks, pension funds, insurance funds, Sovereign/Educational/Chartable endowments, investment advisors/consultants, private equity, venture capital, real estate, mutual and/or hedge fund managers, etc…

Whether your firm simply wants to quickly generate key statistics and client presentation quality reports, must capture Due Diligence information or needs to aggregate multiple sources of hedge fund data into one clean “duplicate-free” platform. Or you may need to conduct in-depth screening, portfolio construction/monitoring, proformas or portfolio shadow accounting, etc…

PackHedge™’s sophisticated suite of tools can be implemented and priced to meet your specific needs. No other product on the market can offer comparable or greater functionality than PackHedge™ for a lower price.

  1. Dramatic improvements in Compliance and Productivity
  2. Major enhancements to Client support & Marketing effectiveness
  3. Significant protection of the investment in and retention of Intellectual Capital
  4. Important streamlining of Workflows and reduction in Operational risks
  1. Data Management “Garbage-In equals Garbage-Out”

    At the core of PackHedge™ is a unique and extensive data model for qualitative and quantitative information that merges and aggregates multiple data sources, data frequencies, data types and currencies to provide one optimal aggregated series (OAS) of data. The OAS is the most accurate and most complete data available across all the data sources with a complete audit trail. Additionally, PackHedge™ has an interface with Bloomberg, Yahoo and the majority of the data vendors that allows for direct data imports into the PackHedge™ platform.

  2. Research & Analysis “Where is that golden egg”

    Offering a sophisticated query engine with a user-friendly drag and drop selection process, PackHedge™ allows for in-depth screening on thousands of qualitative and quantitative data points. Statistical analysis, Risk Analysis and charting can be conducted on single or multiple assets for identifying potential investments and monitoring current ones. Extensive analysis tools are available, such as Peer Group Analysis, Style Analysis, Performance Analysis, Stress Testing,  Monte-Carlo, Fama-French, etc.

  3. Portfolio Management “It’s all in the mix – Which mix”

    To help in portfolio construction, monitoring, modelling and testing, PackHedge™ provides a series of tools to enhance the investment decision process. Portfolio simulations, including rebalancing and asset allocation and exposures can be calculated in the Proforma object. Transaction based Portfolio (Standard and Advanced) allow you to keep track of all your positions by Account, Investment, Currency, Style,… Cash Flow modelling and Analysis, Portfolio optimization, Stress Testing, Attribution and Contribution Analysis, Liquidity Analysis and more are there to help you to manage your portfolio.

  4. Workflow Management “Where on earth am I”

    Status Flags, Categorizations, Custom Fields, Transaction States, Notes, Documents, Customized Rules with thresholds and alarms are all examples of features PackHedge™ offers to manage your workflow.

  5. Reporting “A picture tells the best story”

    PackHedge™ provides a user friendly, powerful and flexible reporting tool for creating simple or complex reports on single and/or multiple managers, over multiple time periods, including multiple statistics/analysis. With quick and easy mass production of reports in Excel, PDF and HTML formats, PackHedge™ can easily produce snapshot reports or reports suitable for distribution to current and potential investors.

  6. Due Diligence “Know Your Customer – Know Your Play”

    Use our tool to design a custom Due Diligence Questionnaire(s) (DDQ) and with a simple click all the DDQ information is captured in the PackHedge™ database and available for all the analysis and reporting that may be required.

PackHedge Introduction