FinLab’s solution PackHedge™ is a suite of components and tools built around an Object Oriented Relational Database. The PackHedge™ desktop component is the main interface where any selection of optional modules can be added to suit the needs of each client and each user. Additional server services can also be deployed in order to provide features such as the Document Management System, the Web-Services API for integration or the Scheduler module which automates tasks such as Report production, Data Updating processes, Alarms, etc. The Excel and Outlook Add-Ins are also available for tighter integration with Microsoft Office.

The PackHedge™ Repository (database) is designed to handle all sorts of structured and unstructured data. Enabling clients to manage multiple Data Sources in the most convenient way as well as to keep track of all changes and previous data states in the Audit Trail.

PackHedge™ Reporting offers two main approaches; a more familiar and easier one via Excel with Excel templating and a more sophisticated, flexible based on the world’s most popular open source reporting engine JasperSoft Report.

PackHedge™ has been designed with the latest development methodologies and technologies including, Agile/Extreme Programming, RUP (Rational Unified Process), UML (Unified Modelling Language), Java, Java Script and XML (eXtended Mark-up Language).

PackHedge™ can be installed On-premise on your own computers and servers or Cloud-based hosted on a vendor’s servers and accessed through a Remote Desktop.

The user interface has been designed to make PackHedge™ very intuitive, using drag and drop, right click menus, tool tips and other familiar Windows user interface methods.