What are the PackHedge™ Reporting Tools?

PackHedge™ offers two reporting mechanisms: Excel and JasperReports.

Using Excel allows anyone with some Excel knowledge to customize a template and make use of Excel capabilities (Charting, VBA Scripting, etc.) to design and produce reports. Once the Excel report (PackHedge™ Data & Excel Template) is defined, the report is then fully integrated into PackHedge™ in order to show the Report as a view in a contextual environment on demand or to generate PDF, Excel or HTML reports with one Click or to be combined with other reports for batch production.

Using JasperReports, which is the world’s most popular open source reporting engines, offers the same integration of the reports in PackHedge™, accessing a dedicated Reporting Framework and the JasperReport IDE tools to define the report and its template. This is a more advanced reporting environment providing greater flexibility for complex reports.

We offer you a large choice of standard reports of each type as samples. Clients can use these samples to create their own custom reports or they can create a new reports from scratch.

Note: If you do not have the time or the skills to build your own custom reports, please contact our support team to discuss your needs.